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Christmas Cheer

Let me stretch my fingers and dust out this place a little, ahem…
I took a quick trip to NYC last Sunday to check out some Christmas decorations (christmas trees, store windows, all that!). Unfortunately we didn’t see anything too amazing… maybe they’re putting them up late? maybe everyone decided to tone it down? who knows.

Dylan's Candy Bar But we made a stop at Dylan’s Candy Bar and filled up on all kinds of chocolate
(NOT the bacon flavored one though)!
Rockefeller Center's Holiday Decorations
Rockefeller Center delivered as always.
And we even caught the little light show on the facade of Sack’s Fifth Avenue!

Rockefeller Center dylan's candy barsAlright, off to my chocolate bars now — Caramel, Red Velvet, Dark Chocolate & Raspberry, and S’Mores!

Dolphin’s Cove

Dolphin's Cove
My parents and I swung by Dolphin’s Cove last night for some lobster! My parents like to do that every summer, eating seafood by the water.. seems only fitting! I gotta admit, the only time I had been to this place was for their Sunday night parties (ha!) but the food last night was great: I had the Lobster Dolphin’s Style and we shared their Portuguese Flan for dessert – all delicious :)

Dolphin’s Cove, 421 Seaview Ave, Bridgeport, CT

As it is the last day of August, it’s also the end of August Break! Honestly, I didn’t have much to share these last 2 weeks, but it was great to participate only to discover new blogs/bloggers!

Walnut Beach Creamery

Sunday was a good day to stop by Walnut Beach Creamery and grab a Nutty Yankee (dried cranberries, coconut and almond) – delicious! By the by, this cute ice cream spot was featured in the New York Times last Friday in their Cold, Creamy and Locally Made article!

WALNUT BEACH CREAMERY: 17 Broadway, Milford, CT – right by Silver Sands State Park!

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