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Throwback: Zhangjiajie, Hunan

Zhangjiajie Day 2
Zhangjiajie ZhangJiaJie peaks
Many stairs

Stream ZhangJiaJie
Zhangjiajie Day2
Zhangjiajie Heart of Locks
ZhangJiaJie ZhangJiaJie

Here are pictures from a trip to Zhangjiajie, Hunan, China that took place back in April 2011. We took an overnight train from Shanghai down to Hunan and stayed there for 2 1/2 days to hike and admire this great National Park. Some of these peaks were actually the inspiration for the mountains in Avatar (they advertize that quite aggressively at the park entrances, ha!). Nonetheless, I will always have great memories from that trip, both the hiking and the train rides getting there and back (got to see a lot of China’s countryside). It was the first time I saw “pointy” mountains in my life, and it may sound silly but I was amazed. I can’t wait to go back to China and visit other mountainous areas, especially Guilin!

Memories of China: Nanxun, Zhejiang

Welcome to Nanxun

During my Christmas-slash-New Year vacation, I went on a day trip to Nanxun, Zhejiang, one of the many water towns outside of Shanghai. Since we went on a weekday, the touristic part of the city was very calm, almost too empty… but it was exactly the kinda escape I needed at the time, just an hour away from home.

A home on NanxunCharacter

We walked along the canal and visited some of the old houses, temples, and gardens. I wish I could go back during the spring or early summer, I’m sure it would look and feel completely different!
By the riverJump by the river

Nanxun being the only water town I’ve visited in the Shanghai area, I can’t compare it to the other ones based on experience. HOWEVER, I heard that Qibao, although the closest one from Shanghai proper, is too small with not much to see. Zhujiajiao, on the other hand, sounds like it might be the best one to visit; it’s closer to Shanghai and livelier than Nanxun!

I put together a short video of the town to capture the atmosphere a little better. This is my first 5×5 video (Vimeo has a whole special category for these if you wanna check it out) so don’t look for anything fancy here.. they’re just a few scenes from the trip 😉

A Day in Nanxun (5×5) from CaffeinatedJen on Vimeo.

P.S. I noticed a huuuge number of new visitors on my blog this past week (thank you, Tumblr, for featuring my DIY post!). Welcome all! Thanks for checkin’ this blog out! I’ve actually been working on an “About” page, so bear with me!

Mess everywhere!

Lanterns at Grand Gateway

(Lanterns at the Grand Gateway, Xujiahui, Shanghai)

Everything has been put on hold!

I’m having the worst luck these days: no internet at home, my computer crashed, too many things are breaking down in the apartment and I’m supposed to be moving back to the US next week!
Thankfully the problem with my computer has been found (I shake my fist at you, Windows!) but the Xujiahui computer guys didn’t have a copy of any of the Windows operating systems in English… so that’s not really fixed yet.
Anyways, all this will be solved once I’m back in the US! I’m very excited, yet a little scared to move back, but it is definitely the right decision for me right now :)

More updates hopefully this weekend!

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