Throwback: Zhangjiajie, Hunan

Zhangjiajie Day 2
Zhangjiajie ZhangJiaJie peaks
Many stairs

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Zhangjiajie Day2
Zhangjiajie Heart of Locks
ZhangJiaJie ZhangJiaJie

Here are pictures from a trip to Zhangjiajie, Hunan, China that took place back in April 2011. We took an overnight train from Shanghai down to Hunan and stayed there for 2 1/2 days to hike and admire this great National Park. Some of these peaks were actually the inspiration for the mountains in Avatar (they advertize that quite aggressively at the park entrances, ha!). Nonetheless, I will always have great memories from that trip, both the hiking and the train rides getting there and back (got to see a lot of China’s countryside). It was the first time I saw “pointy” mountains in my life, and it may sound silly but I was amazed. I can’t wait to go back to China and visit other mountainous areas, especially Guilin!

In March…

I watched… The Real Housewives of Atlanta. I didn’t want to get into any of the RH shows, but here I am marathoning all of Season 6 and probably will be watching older seasons later. You guys win.
I listened to… a lof of podcasts. I usually listen to both music and podcasts 50/50 on my commute but these past few weeks it’s mostly been podcasts. My favorites include Chelsea Peretti, The Read, and You Made It Weird With Pete Holmes.
I went to… Yoga classes 4 weeks in a row allll by myself. Even I’m impressed.
I am dreading… planning (or just dealing with) my birthday party next month. It’s mostly a source of stress rather than joy.
I am craving… Korean bbq like crazy. Will make a trip down to the city just for that.

Not too long ago

Silver Sands beach

Silver Sands beach

Silver Sands beach
… we had our first “Spring” day. That one Saturday a couple of weeks ago, we finally had decent temps and everybody hopped in their car and went to the beach (it looks like I was the only person at Silver Sands but believe me, I really wasn’t). It since got cold again but at least that beautiful day melted away all the leftover snow!

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