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Quite a few things changed in the last weeks and I’m having a hard time to schedule some blogging-time into my new routine. Anyways, the HK posts will continue soon but first, I’d like to share a few pictures of Pudong (east side of the Huangpu River in Shanghai) from last weekend. I had forgotten my camera (yet again), so please excuse the meh quality – these were taken with my phone.

Oriental Pearl Tower
The Oriental Pearl Tower

I’ve been to Pudong quite a few times and yet, I’ve never been up the Pearl Tower. Frankly, I don’t think the view will be worth the expensive entry ticket…

That evening, the boy and I decided to chill on the Pudong Riverside and admire the view of Puxi (west side of river in Shanghai). People (mostly tourists) usually go to the Bund to look at Pudong’s skyscrapers (Oriental Pearl tower, The Bottle Opener, etc).. but this side is quite nice, actually! And there are definitely less people than on the Bund – always a plus 😉
Pudong RiversideHuangpu RiverSunset on PuxiPromenade in PudongPho Yummy

On the way home, dinner at Pho Yummy

Luwan, Xintiandi, Laoximen

Nanchang lu
Weeks ago, a friend and I decided to walk around in the not-so-crowded streets of Shanghai. We began our trip at the Shaanxi Nan lu stop and walked down Nanchang lu, a cute street parallel to the busy Huahai zhong lu. It has many little shops and trees on both sides of the road, keeping us in the much-needed shade.
Nanchang lu Yandang lu

Near Xintiandi
At the end of the road, we crossed Yan’an lu and walked through Xintiandi
(famous little area for expats, full of restaurants and bars) and saw this little park.

Street in Shanghai
Dongtai lu
Dongtai lu
After a few wrong turns, we finally found the “antics” market on Dongpin lu. My friend had seen it over a year ago and had ever since tried to find it again.
Dongtai lu
As we made our way back to the subway (at the Laoximen stop this time) we saw this little shop. If you ever need a replica of the Terracotta Warriors, no need to go all the way to Xi’An!

Here’s a map of Shanghai with the route we took that day:

It’s been a while

Thunderstorm at South Huangpi Road Station
Yesterday, we went to South Huangpi road to take a stroll through the little parks there and then walk towards People’s Square. Unfortunately, a thunderstorm started right when we got out of the metro station! It looked worse than the typhoon we were supposed to get last week.
In a few days, I’ll finally publish pictures (that have been collecting digital dust for the past month) of a nice stroll I took in Shanghai :)

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