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Cloudy Charleston

A few miles north

Isle of Palms
North of Charleston

Boone Hall Plantation

Boone Hall
Looking out
Avenue of Oaks
These trees were my favorite part of the trip!

Middleton Place

Middleton Place
Middleton Place
Middleton Place

In Charleston

Home in Charleston
20150830_11St Michael's Church
Afternoon in the park
Love having spontaneous friends.. only wish we had picked a better weekend for this little trip! First time in Charleston and it was cloudy and raining almost all three days! A very different sight from what we had in mind. We still had a great time, ate some great food and learned so much about the region’s history. We did one “oopsy” on this trip – we drove up to the Francis Marion National Forest, thinking we could easily find a trail to hike for a couple hours… and we could not! We eventually bummed into the Sheriff who told us that this might not be the best idea for us northern girls.. with all the alligators and snakes roaming around. And surely enough, there was an alligator in the swamp right by us. Thanks, Sheriff! No need to say more, we’ll be on our way now!

A few good recipes

photo by

photo by

Let’s face it – I’m only able to cook anything from scratch if I follow a good recipe. Here’s a quick list of favorites I found online over the past few months, all tested and approved!

Got any recipes to share?

Weekend in Montreal

Place Jacques Cartier

Last May, I spent 2 1/5 days in Montreal to visit the city for the first time but also catch with an old friend. While it was a quick trip, we covered the Montreal basics: Old Montreal and the Old Port, Mont Royal, Notre Dame Basilica, the Biodome and Botanical Garden, and of course a good poutine!
We stayed at Anne ma Soeur Anne, a very cute hotel on Saint Denis street.

It all started here. Friday night Poutine at La Banquise (open 24/7!).

Racoons at the Biodome
Biodome in the Chinese Gardens
Insectarium de Montreal
Biodome, Botanical Gardens and Insectarium.

In Montreal
In Montreal
Cute place off Place Jacques Cartier.

Vieux Port
Marche Bonsecours
Terrasses Bonsecours
Walking around the Old Harbor and we found Cirque du Soleil! We lucked out and got tickets for the afternoon show; it was ah-ma-zing!

Mont Royal Panorama
Climbed up, up, up Mont Royal and enjoyed the view. Make sure to catch the “tam-tams” down the mount, by the monument on Avenue du Parc.

Flying over Connecticut and Westchester County
And before I knew it, I was back to the States. View from the top, flying over Westchester County and Southern Connecticut very closely!

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