Wrapping up 2014 and Starting Again

The Twinsphoto by Diana Nault

So much happened this year and through all these changes, my blog fell a little behind (again). But I guess I needed to sacrifice this blog in order to get things happening for little ol’ me. 2014 has been such a weird year but I somehow managed to get some things done for myself:

A new place. I started a new job and moved to a new town. I feel like I moved on to an upper level in a video game and now I gotta figure out my new powers. I’m so excited and nervous about my next steps and that’s why I decided to pick this back up. When in doubt, blog.

Putting the i back in traveling. I’m finally able to put some money aside and go discover new territories. Just this year, I went back to Paris after 6 years of absence AND I visited to Montreal for a weekend in the spring (and that’s a check-mark!). There’s some back-logging I now need to get to.

Favorite moment of 2014. My first “big girl” meal I cooked in my new place. Turkey meatballs over greens. It was delicious, nutritional and no one nagged me to make it or eat it. A true coming-of-age story.

Now I gotta set new goals for 2015 (finish reading the books that I start, exercise more regularly, take more pictures…) and do it all again.

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