Dreaming of: Iceland

For years, I’ve been dreaming of traveling all through Iceland! It might be the rocky landscapes, or how isolated the island seems to be. Or maybe my love for Björk… who knows. I’d love to tour the Ring Road, go glacier hiking, take a swim in a thermal pool, and maybe watch the Northern Lights (in winter) or the midnight sun (in the summer)! Here are a few pictures I curated from Flickr of the different things I’d like to see in this beautiful country!
*click picture or source link to visit the pictures’ Flickr page*

Let’s start with the landscapes!

Day 8: Hiking along Hrafnfjörður fjord
Hrafnfjörður fjord (Gregor Samsa)

Iceland18% Silver

Iceland Photos Iceland Photos
One of Iceland thermal pools, the Myvatn Nature Baths
(*and not The Blue Lagoon, as I originally typed!) (Best Riads

The Sheep of Vatnajökull
Vatnajökull National Park seems to be be a must see. It contains Vatnajökull, the largest glacier in Europe (above), Jökulsárlón, the largest glacier lagoon in Iceland, and Detifoss, the largest waterfall in Europe!

The icebergs of Jökulsárlón (kaszeta)

Waterfall shs_n3_018321Detifoss (Stefnisson)

Let’s not forget the city life…

Reykjavik panorama (Carlos Pardo)

Reykjavik (ikithule)

ReykjavikReykjavik’s colorful houses (Teatsche)

AkureyriAkureyri (scottpr76)

PylsurI wouldn’t be “me” if I didn’t include a little food 😉
Besides the fish and lamb dishes, Pylsur (Icelandic hot dog) seems to be THE local specialty to try out! (amylaurensantee)

A few links:

  • The Iceland Flickr Group – to keep on browsing.
  • Iceland Eyes – a lifestyle blog.
  • Icelandic Food 101 – to learn more on local food.
  • Iceland’s Ring Road – a somewhat old, but still interesting, New York Times article.
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    1. Reply
      kaszeta January 12, 2013

      You should go. Really. See the rest of my pics at http://www.flickr.com/photos/kaszeta/sets/72157631244017386/ . We did the Ring Road in 9 days, and it was wonderful.

      And by the way, that’s *not* the Blue Lagoon you’ve got pictures of, but the Myvatn Nature Baths in the Northeast. (Both are touristy, but also way cool and worth doing)

      • Reply
        Jen BCoffee January 12, 2013

        Your pictures are wonderful, it looks like you had a great time!
        + Thanks for the correction; it was hard checking pictures’ labels! Editing it right now 😉

    2. Reply
      cowpooh February 1, 2013

      Northern Lights!!!

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